KU-F10 Automatic fecal analyzer
Product Detail

1. Analytical methods: microscopic image method, immunoassay and chemical method;
2. Morphological inspection: Using optical flow counting cell, combined with automatic biological microscope and camera for automatic photography;
3. Immunoassay: colloidal gold detection, according to the color interpretation results;
4. Automatic recognition: use machine vision to classify, recognize and count morphological images, and automatically recognize colloidal gold detection results;
5. Injection method: orbital injection, 50 sample positions;
6. Test card bin: there are 5 test card reagent positions, which can place 100 test cards. Each bin can place test cards of different items, and the number of test cards is monitored in real time;
7. Microscopic inspection channel: dual channel counting cell, higher detection efficiency;
8. Network function: information can be shared through the network and connected with the hospital LIS system.