KU-F20 automatic fecal analyzer
Product Detail

1. Analytical methods: microscopic image method, immunoassay and chemical method;
2. Morphological inspection: optical flow counting cell is used, combined with automatic biological microscope and camera for automatic photography;
3. Immunoassay: colloidal gold detection, according to the color interpretation results;
4. Automatic recognition: use artificial intelligence technology to process the pictures, first screen out the negative samples, then accurately locate the pathological substances, and automatically recognize the common pathological substances, with high recognition accuracy;
5. Injection method: orbital injection, 50 sample positions;
6. Detection card Bin: 5 detection card reagent positions, with a maximum capacity of 200 colloidal gold reagent cards, which can carry out 1-10 projects at the same time, and the reaction time of different projects can be set freely;
7. Microscopic examination channel: three channels
8. Network function: it can share information through the network, truly realize the two-way communication function, and the degree of automation is ahead of other brands;
9. Quality control function: equipped with quality control products produced by the original factory, including: fecal occult blood multi-level non fixed value quality control products, transferrin multi-level non fixed value quality control products and fecal forming sub quality control products. The instrument software has its own quality control function module and the quality control is directly on the computer. The operation is simple and meets the requirements.