KU-F40 Full Automatic feces analyzer
Product Detail

800x603 ,72%555x417,50%

1. Large capacity sample feeding space, 130 samples can be placed.

2. Four-channel multi-layer field tomography imaging, high in speed.

3. The collection box with rotating screw cap is perfectly sealed, with quantitative collection, and the180° large area filter can fully filtered.

4. Intelligent dilution function, intelligently set up the amount of dilution according to the characteristics of different samples.

5. 6 test card box cabinswith a maximum of 200 colloidal gold tests can be set. Can have different items combination with the reaction time can be set separately for each card boxes.

6. Photo tracking function, with intelligent tracking and photo positioning, make the total formed elements be complete detected.

7. Intelligent identification software, capable database, make the identification easier and more accurate.

8. Intelligent management of the consumables and fault self-diagnosis.

9. Professional quality control system and comprehensive original factory supporting quality control products, accurate and reliable test result can be ensured.